Wade Simmons' Custom Instinct Powerplay
In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, Wade saw how focused riders were on the structure of racing and events and hopped on his bike to ride in the complete opposite direction. He saw his bike as an outlet for adventure and a chance to be creative on the trail rather than rehearsed. Fast forward more than two decades later, and Wade still embodies the soul of the sport to its full extent. He was an early adopter of e-bikes because they give riders the opportunity to look at riding in a whole new light. They truly are a natural extension of his freeride roots.
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An Intro to the All-New Powerplay
The Dyname 4.0 drive system is powerful, delivers high torque, and is long-lasting. That means faster climbs, punchier acceleration, and a larger, removable battery helping to ensure that you get more out of every ride.
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Felix Burke's 2022 Element

Felix Burke has ridden on the Rocky Mountain XC race program for 5 years, specializing in endurance and adventure events. If the event requires racing long distances on technical trail, you can bet Felix will be fighting at the front of the pack. He’ splits his season between spending time in both Québec and BC, to not only sample a wide variety of trails but also to appreciate both the Anglophone and Francophone riding culture.

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