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Gravel bikes

What is a gravel bike?

So many things. A gravel bike is a beautiful and weird hybrid of road bike, adventure bike, and cyclocross bike with just a hint of mountain bike thrown in. In terms of geometry and ride feel, a gravel bike is very similar to a road bike.

Whereas a cyclocross bike will have a shorter wheelbase for maneuverability on slow moving, technical cross courses, gravel bikes feature a slightly longer wheelbase for excellent stability at speed on the road or on gravel. The result is a super capable bike for gravel racing, bike packing, adventuring, or big days in the saddle.

Gravel bike vs road bike. What’s the deal?

The single biggest difference between a gravel bike and a road bike is tire clearance‚ÄĒgravel bikes feature tons of clearance for wide, grippy tires. Gravel bikes will also feature multiple contact points for bike bags, racks, or fenders. You‚Äôll get a lot of the benefits of a road bike, for sure‚ÄĒefficiency on climbs and flats, excellent stability at speed, and good handling manners.

But you also get a tougher overall package able to handle a huge range of terrain. Many gravel bikes will also be 650b wheelset compatible‚ÄĒa good upgrade for anyone looking to tackle especially rough or difficult gravel roads or terrain.¬†

Can I ride my gravel bike on trails?

Definitely! Well, within reason. Gravel bikes offer a fun challenge on flowy singletrack with bumpy sections‚ÄĒespecially if you run a tubeless tire setup (less likelihood of pinch flats). Tackling big gravity trails or super burly terrain, however, is a less good idea. A gravel bike will definitely not survive the bike park or enduro sections, but it can hold up and be a lot of fun on mellower cross country trails.¬†

So when weighing gravel bike vs mountain, think about what you might want to be doing. A mountain bike will always be able to ride more trails than a gravel bike. So if trails get you excited, buy a cross country, trail, or enduro mountain bike. But if the idea of riding efficiently on the road, gravel paths, logging roads, and the odd mellow mountain bike trail appeals to you, go for gravel. 

Looking for something different?

Fat bikes

What is the ideal fat bike?

The best fat tire bikes are tough, durable, and feature massive amounts of tire clearance. If you look at a fat bike, it’s pretty simple. They’re usually rigid (re: they have no suspension), they have disc brakes, and they have massive tires. Those massive tires are key (more on that below). 

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Cross country bikes

What is cross country riding? 

Cross country riding (also often referred to as XC riding and XC bikes) focuses on riding fast everywhere, and not just downhill. Unlike enduro or downhill, cross country riding is all about riding fast up climbs, on flats, and downhill. Mountain biking has its roots in cross country riding and racing, and the scene is still going super strong today. 

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Trail bikes

What is trail mountain biking?

Think of a trail mountain bike as a jack of all trades. Because a good full suspension trail bike can do a bit of everything. It can climb, it can descend, it can flick through tight, flowy singletrack. Trail bikes are popular because they really are a ‚Äúdo it all‚ÄĚ solution.

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Enduro bikes

What is enduro mountain biking?

While enduro mountain biking has its roots in racing, enduro bikes are a popular option for riders looking to charge down hard trails, but still want to be able to ride efficiently up climbs and between steep trails and sections. 

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Freeride bikes

What is a freeride bike? 

A freeride bike is a bike that combines elements of downhill, trail, and enduro bikes. A 180mm travel bike is usually the go-to for freeride. So, bigger and burlier than an enduro bike, but slightly less travel and lighter than a dedicated downhill bike.

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Pump track bikes

What is a pump track bike?

Pump track bikes are purpose-built for riding the rhythm of pump tracks. What are pump tracks, all about? Imagine a tight circuit of rollers, berms, and jumps. It's a playground for riders that are looking to sharpen skills and dial in tricks.

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