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We get it, there's a lot to look at when considering your next electric mountain bike! We think ours is pretty awesome, but go ahead and compare and see for yourself.

The Dyname 4.0 system is ONLY available on Powerplay bikes, and is a cut above when it comes to performance and features. We designed the power curve within the software to deliver the 108Nm smoothly, allowing you as the rider to soft pedal around tight switchbacks or drop the hammer through a chunky, punchy, portion of trail. Learn more about Dyname

Dyname 4.0

ONLY available on Rocky Mountain Powerplay bikes
Peak torque (Nm)



Peak power (W)



Battery (Wh)




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Ben B.

Best E-MTB on the planet

100% the best E-MTB I've ever ridden. This is my second Powerplay had the previous generation with the Dyname 3 motor the new platform and Dyname 4 motor is magic.

Owner of a Altitude Powerplay A70

Marc C.

Best EMTB motor system!

This EMTB is so intuitive it makes you just feel very strong. Unlike a few other EMTB systems that constantly remind you that you are on an E-bike by continuing to power the rear wheel a couple seconds after you have stopped pedalling. The Powerplay system is the best.

Owner of an Instinct Powerplay C70


Incredible bike

After 6 months of uses, I can told this bike 100% fit me, aggressivity, powerful, light in the air. I will not change for another E-bike for ever. Love it.

Owner of an Altitude Powerplay C70

"Owning an e-bike has changed my life. "

"You can do six laps in the time it would take you to do one on an acoustic bike. It makes the uphill fun and fast and is the perfect tool to put your headphones in and go outside and enjoy nature. With its low centre of gravity, it feels and rides like a downhill bike on the descent."

Lucy Van Eesteren - Rocky Mountain Athlete

"I love my Powerplay, aka the portable chair lift."

"It turns any zone into your personal bike park. And the best part is, no more only having time to ride from the halfway mark, because every ride is from the top with the Powerplay."

Alex Volokhov - Rocky Mountain Athlete

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