Celebrating 40 years

Join us looking back on the stories that make up forty years of bikes.

In 1981, three friends decided to start building their own mountain bikes to handle off-road riding around Vancouver. Forty years later, a lot has changed, but the big things haven’t—a lifelong obsession with bikes, and an unrelenting desire to design and build the best mountain bikes possible.

To celebrate our 40th anniversary, we’re taking a look back at the stories, riders, friends, adventures, failures, successes, places, and bikes that brought us from way-back-when to now. As we look back, we’ll also share where we’re going. Because from unexplored trails, to design breakthroughs, to the next generation of riders—there’s so much to look forward to.

 Join us in our 40th Anniversary celebration. Send in photos of your favourite bike you’ve owned from Rocky Mountain and the stories behind them! We’re excited to share some of the stories we collect on Facebook and Instagram, as well as feature some on bikes.com.

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Alex Volokhov's 2007 Switch 2.0
  "This was my first high-end, proper dual-suspension mountain bike. It will always hold a special place the memory bank. Watching the guys ride these bikes in the movies made me want one more than anything. Few summers of working...
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That time when a childhood dream came true.
That time when a childhood dream came true, and I joined the Rocky Mountain freeride team. Growing up in British Columbia, Rocky Mountain was a staple brand, and joining forces was a standout memory for sure!!      
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Vaea Verbeeck's 2018 Altitude
I have special feelings for my 2018 Altitude. It was a new generation of the Altitude and it absolutely blew my mind (not sure how Rocky pulled that hat trick again in 2020 but they did). It was special to...
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That time we got Riga'd trying to find Tenquille Lake.
In spring 2016, while shooting for Shoulder Season Shred's photo epic & story, ALN, Thomas, Margus, and myself headed to Pemberton to explore the meadows around Tenquille Lake. After a decent drive up and hike-a-bike, we came to a trail intersection. Either head straight into...
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