Rocky Mountain C.O.R.E. Ambassadors live and breathe for life on two wheels.

They are passionate riders, coaches, trail advocates, and storytellers with infectious energy. Whether they’re out there leading local trail days or introducing new riders to the sport, their mission is to share their love for mountain biking with their local communities and invite others to join the ride.


Tyler Pratt

Tyler is a passionate advocate of mountain biking to other riders in Ontario and is always looking for opportunities to help new riders discover a love for riding.

Matt Monod

Matt is currently one of the few PMBIA Level 3’s and is coaching and trail building in Verbier, Switzerland. He looks forward to his return to Canada in 2022, and plans to grow old in beautiful Alberta.

Eric Melson

When he’s not lobbying, coaching or volunteering, Eric can be found backcountry skiing, paddling free flowing rivers, and hanging with his wife Eva and handsome old black dog, Pogi.

Martin Ready

Martin lives in Cumberland and is the Owner for Island Mountain Rides. IMR provides guided tours and also trail building and maintenance services. Martin is also a member of the BC Bike Race’s elite “Bike Patrol” team.

Cami Bragg

You’ll see Cami most weekends lapping A-Line with her kid brother, Keir or hanging out with the girl gangs Ride Like a Girl and SheFX. This is her second year on the Altitude. In her words, she wouldn't ride anything else…well…maybe a Slayer…

Kevin Calhoun

Kevin is one of the longest-serving Rocky Mountain athletes, product testers, and brand ambassadors. Starting way back in 1996, Kev’s been riding Rocky Mountain Bikes for nearly 25 years.

Sophie Ostroski

When not riding, Sohpie seeks out steep descents to ski and mentors student-athletes in and outside of the classroom. Sophie’s goals as a mountain biker are simple but rad—to ride as much trail as possible and inspire the next generation of riders.

Stan Rey

Stan Rey took his technical background in ski racing and skicross to the backcountry, where he now enjoys chasing powder and busting backies off any drop you point out to him. Stan’s winters now revolve around filming for BLANK and Salomon Freeski TV.

Jason Wukte

It was a bite on the arm from a bike rep that granted Jason Wutke his biking abilities. Overnight he went from being a simple ski rep to someone who sessions the jankiest of trails in British Columbia, and he’s been improving those skills over the last 10 years.

Bernadette Merriman

Bernadette hails from Brevard, North Carolina where she’s lived for 20 years. She didn't throw a leg over a bicycle until 2007, but fell in love on her very first ride.

Dave Vunic

Dave has mastered the art of balancing a life of chasing children, sipping Americanos, and shredding bikes. Known as "The Mountie," he began racing bicycles at a young age on his Rocky Mountain Blizzard.

Susan Clifford

Exploring farm roads on a borrowed bike in college led Susan to seek out a trail worthy bike of her own. Luckily, the karma gods at a small Massachusetts bike shop served up a summer job and a free mountain bike.

Branham Snyder

You’ll see Branham grinning ear-to-ear riding anything from a Growler to a Maiden, the Altitude is Branham’s favorite ride in his never-ending search for that next difficult trail feature, often accompanied by Horchata, his trail-loving Mexican street dog.

Katrina Engelsted

Katrina is a young professional living in the Colorado area. When she’s not pounding away on the keyboard, she is adventuring and racing as much spicy singletrack as she can find. She grew up in Massachusetts with two rad sisters and went to school in upstate New York.

Addison Zawada

From BMX tracks to road racing, from gravel racing to Dirt Merchant, he's weathered heart break, broken bones, tears, but most importantly a love for riding. Almost two decades later and now married with children, Addison views everything as still just the beginning. The journey continues!

Bradyn Lange

Since age 3, Bradyn has been on two wheels. With a father who raced pro motocross, and two older brothers chasing the moto dream, Bradyn was born straight into motocross culture. By age 10, he was traveling the country with his family in search of the highest-level of motocross racing.

Mike Sarnecki

Based in Calgary, Alberta Mike has been riding and racing mountain bikes for over 20 years on tires of all sizes. From Fat bikes to Cyclocross, endurance mountain bike racing to bikepacking, he always finds a way to ride in all 4 seasons.

Dwayne Kress

Dwayne has ridden, raced, and organized bike races for over 40 years yet his passion for cycling remains as strong as it was the day he stated. These days Dwayne can be found riding more with his two young daughters discovering and sharing new cycling adventures.

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2021 Rocky Mountain Instinct - Kevin Calhoun

Kevin Calhoun is one of the longest-serving Rocky Mountain athletes, product testers, and brand ambassadors we have. Starting way back in 1996, Kev’s been riding on our bikes for nearly 25 years. Originally from small-town Ontario, his passion for...

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