My Altitude's new clothes

My Altitude's new clothes

We launched the new Altitude back in September 2020 - but I’ve been lucky enough to have been riding this bike since last April. My name is Stephen Matthews and I’m the Brand Manager for Rocky Moun...

40TH ANNIVERSARYSweat the Details - Dan's 1996 Altitude

Sweat the Details - Dan's 1996 Altitude

From Germany to the east coast of Canada, Dan's 1996 Altitude made the cut of belongings that were coming with him when starting his new adventure on a new continent.   This is my beloved Altitu...

40TH ANNIVERSARYVaea Verbeeck's 2018 Altitude

Vaea Verbeeck's 2018 Altitude

I have special feelings for my 2018 Altitude. It was a new generation of the Altitude and it absolutely blew my mind (not sure how Rocky pulled that hat trick again in 2020 but they did). It was sp...