10 years


80,000 hours





Design freedom

Ride more, faster, further

While developing the first-ever Rocky Mountain eMTB, we refused to be held hostage by existing drive designs. We built the drive to fit the bike, not the other way around. For ten years, our engineers dreamed, created, tested and meticulously improved upon Dyname until they got it right. The Dyname drive is compact, powerful, and smooth. It facilitates pure, unbridled design freedom, as evidenced by the seamless integration of the RIDE-9 adjustment system.


"I probably just had the most fun in the past 5 years of mountain biking in the last 2 seconds. My mind is just racing with the idea of what's possible. " - Wade Simmons

Ride more, faster, further

Design freedom

Design freedom in action

Award winning design

The drive system

Powered by Dyname™ 3.0

Lower RPM

Dyname spins at 1200 RPM (1/4 the competition's speed). Less whine. More efficiency.

Higher torque

Virtual quads kick in when you need them and stand down when you don't.

Proprietary design

Three patents. In-house customization. Limitless design freedom.

Tuned to the key of human

Specifically designed to an MTB-friendly cadence and real world singletrack riding. No spinning out.

A motor's intuition

Seamless power modulation between drive and human. Dyname reads your rhythm and responds to your ride.

Better BB

The bottom bracket is part of the bike, not the drive. No creaking, less wear, and local shops can service it. We love local shops.

How far does it go?

The power behind the play

Ridiculous elevation

With proper power management, Powerplay will yield 1,800-2,000m of climbing (based on 102 kg rider).

Brawn, brains, and beauty

We care about aesthetics. Powerplay not only rides like a mountain bike. It looks like one too.

Efficient energy system

Powerplay's superior 48-volt system increases range when compared to the standard 36-volt battery featuring the same capacity.


Charging times

Step on it

Ahead of the class

The history

Since 1981, Rocky Mountain Bicycles has lived at the foot of Vancouver's North Shore mountains, designing and testing mountain bikes in the rugged terrain that rises above.


In 2009, the concept for a revolutionary electric drive system was presented to the design team at the company’s headquarters in Beauce, Québec. The forward-thinking vision paralleled Rocky Mountain’s philosophies. Together, Propulsion Powercycle was created with the purpose of developing an innovative electric drive system which would be named Dyname


Three years later, in 2012, the design team debuted an urban electric bike featuring the proprietary Dyname 2.0 drive. Shortly thereafter, we introduced North America to its first electric bike sharing program. At this point, Europe had embraced the e-bike. Consumers in North America were curious. Media was asking when we’d witness the first truly capable trail-ready eMTB. Rocky Mountain would provide the answer.


In early 2017, the Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay launched, featuring the third-generation Dyname 3.0 drive developed collaboratively between our research centres in Vancouver, B.C. and Beauce, Quebec. Vancouver handled the bike and Quebec developed the drive system. The Powerplay was on.


In 2019, the Powerplay family, powered by Dyname, expands to three platforms – Altitude Powerplay, Instinct Powerplay, and Growler Powerplay. From 27.5 to 29er. From hardtail to full suspension. Powerplay leads the way with diversity, quality and—most of all—a great ride.

Warranty information

Every Powerplay bike is warrantied against defects in materials and manufacturing.

We stand behind our products. We’ve increased the warranty on our electrical components from 24 months to 36 months, making it the best in the industry in terms of coverage length. This change is retroactive and will apply to all Powerplay models from their purchase date to present day, and into the future.

Category Term Notes
Frame hardware 5 years Front triangle & rear triangle
Hardware 1 year Pivots, axles, etc...
Electronics 3 years Drive, iWoc, sensors, charger
Drive components 1 year Pulleys, pinions, transfer chain
Battery 2 years If stored for 3+ months, charge battery every 3 months. Failure to do so may cause damage.
Components As per original manufacturer warranty

* For more detailed battery warranty information, please reference the owner's manual available on bikes.com

Disclaimer: If system is modified in any way, it can affect range and performance, and immediately voids the warranty.

Explore Powerplay models

Instinct Powerplay

The Instinct Powerplay integrates our powerful Dyname 3.0 drive system on a 29” wheeled platform with 140mm of rear travel for efficient rolling over long distances. Featuring the iWoc TRIO remote, our RIDE-9 adjustment system, tweaked suspension kinematics, and great small bump sensitivity, the Instinct Powerplay is perfect for the big epic rides!

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Instinct Powerplay BC Edition

Smash down chutes, rail through corners, and then turn it up to ”ludicrous” to climb back to the top faster than you ever thought possible. Designed with an optimized single-position link and a long stroke shock that provides 155mm of rear travel, 29” wheels, and our Dyname 3.0 drive system, our BC Edition build has everything for enduro racing and aggressive trail riding.

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Altitude Powerplay

We took attributes from our race-winning Altitude platform and integrated the Dyname 3.0 drive system to create a groundbreaking new e-bike for riders around the world. With 27.5” wheels, 150mm of rear travel with optimized suspension kinematics, and 108 Nm of class-leading torque, the Altitude Powerplay is an e-bike that rides like a normal mountain bike. 

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Growler Powerplay

By combining high volume 27.5+ tires with the power of our Dyname™ 3.0 drive system, this hardtail will have you charging hard on the trails. So, go the extra distance, forget about your struggles with punchy climbs, and celebrate after with a post-ride pint.

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Stories featuring Powerplay

2021 Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay BC Edition – Rémi Gauvin’s custom build

“I am really excited to finally have a Powerplay in my bike quiver. In the short time that I have had the bike, I have already had a ton of fun riding and using it. It has allowed me to get a few sneaky MTB rides in when the sun has been shining...

2021 Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay – Jesse Melamed’s custom build

"Every time I have ridden a Rocky Mountain Powerplay over the last few years I have a riot of a time. I usually can't stop smiling. Now that I have one of my own I can't wait to get out and find some hill-climb challenges and explore some new tr...

Introducing the Overtimepack

IF SOME IS GOOD, MORE IS BETTER The Overtimepack allows you to ride your Powerplay farther than ever before, putting more time in on the trail before needing a charge.  The Overtimepack is a range extender for our Powerplay lineup that offers an ...



The Overtimepack is a range extender for our Powerplay lineup that offers an additional 330 Wh of battery capacity.

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