Reaper 27.5

Reaper 27.5

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Wheel Size

This bike uses Size Specific tune

Size Specific tune

We have expanded on our size-specific philosophy by introducing, on our latest platforms, wheel size options on certain frame sizes. We carefully looked at the rider size, travel amount, and intended use to determine the best wheel size for a given application.

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Guess what? Kids want to rip trails, too. That’s why the Reaper incorporates decades of trail, enduro, and park prowess and condenses it into a shred ready package for kids. The result? Full-sized trail bike levels of competence and composure in a kid-friendly package. The objective? To pass on a love of riding and ripping to the next generation. Don’t fear the Reaper (sorry, we had to)—it’s carrying the next generation of riders onto big, burly things.

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Wheel size

These figures are a rough guide only. Rider proportions, riding style, and personal preferences all factor in choosing the correct bike size. Rocky Mountain always recommends test riding and professional bike fitting at an authorized dealer.

Frame Size
152.5 - 165 cm / 5’0” - 5’5”

Technical information and user manuals

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