Built for Future Slayers.




27.5", 26", 24"


150, 130, & 120 mm


130 mm

Like a trail bike hit with a shrink ray. Shreds trails with Slayer-levels of confidence.

Guess what? Kids want to rip trails, too. That’s why the Reaper incorporates decades of trail, enduro, and park prowess and condenses it into a shred ready package for kids. The result? Full-sized trail bike levels of competence and composure in a kid-friendly package. The objective? To pass on a love of riding and ripping to the next generation. Don’t fear the Reaper (sorry, we had to)—it’s carrying the next generation of riders onto big, burly things.

Takes’em from
Green to blue to black.

What sets the Reaper apart

Sized for growing shredders

One size does not fit all. That’s why the Reaper comes in two frame sizes, with flexibility for three wheel sizes. That means the perfect ride for every kid shredder, and a bike that keeps up as kids get better, faster, and taller. 

The fastest kid setup possible

Whatever size, whatever build, the Reaper is designed with kids in mind. Suspension components and setup are designed to provide grown-up levels of performance for growing shredders. The Reaper gets the same suspension and kinematics attention and detail as every other Rocky Mountain bike—no exceptions. 

Long-term adjustability

Multiple frame sizes and wheel size flexibility means kids can shred season after season with the Reaper. The result? A seriously capable trail bike that grows with kids as they get better and go bigger. 

Media reviews

"My nearly 8 year old took advantage of the bigger wheels and active 130 mm suspension to push himself to new levels on descents."

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The Reaper 26 is best suited for technical trail rides, bike parks, shuttle runs and downhill/enduro races. The factory build on the Reaper provides for a wonderful riding experience.

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