Jesse Melamed




Whistler, BC



Jesse went from wanting to be a professional hockey player, to a professional skier, and eventually, a professional mountain biker.

Jesse Melamed grew up in the mountain bike paradise of Whistler, B.C. Better yet, his parents were mountain bikers themselves—putting Jesse on the right track from the get-go. Motivated to beat his older brother at anything and everything from a young age, Jesse went from wanting to be a professional hockey player, to a professional skier. Neither quite stuck. But mountain biking combined all the best elements of sport for Jesse. Once the bug bit him (and the podiums started happening), he never looked back.

A rider at the peak level, Jesse's summers now involve following and racing the Enduro World Series. But prior to that, he spent his summers coaching up-and-coming riders, and sharing his stoke for the ride with younger generations of riders and shredders.

Give him a look on social media—generous with his time and expertise, he'll provide pretty much everyone with expertise and stoke.


What Jesse rides


Race circuits or Sunday Shreds, the Altitude has you covered. Purpose-built and race-proven, it’s the ultimate enduro weapon for demolishing steep trails and making every session faster.

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Smash every trail in total confidence. The Slayer was right there at the start of the freeride movement, and that “heritage-of-send” lives on. Longer and slacker than ever, expect villainous levels of confidence when ripping big mountain trails or devouring the park. 

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Instinct Powerplay

If you’re looking to venture into the alpine or explore a new zone, the Instinct Powerplay will inspire you to go farther and seek out new adventures.

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