The Instinct hits the closest we’ve ever come to trail perfection thanks to a perfectly balanced technical setup.

The intuitive but powerful RIDE-9 adjustment system and 2-position rear axle helps make every climb shorter, every trail flowier, and every descent faster. Size specific frame tuning ensures riders of every size gain every Instinct benefit. From our suspension setup to geometry, the Instinct balances every technical advantage we offer in perfect harmony. 


Wheel size

Sizing chart

These figures are a rough guide only. Rider proportions, riding style, and personal preferences all factor in choosing the correct bike size. Rocky Mountain always recommends test riding and professional bike fitting at an authorized dealer.

Frame Size
27.5”: 142.5 - 157.5 cm / 4’8” - 5’2”

29”: Not available for this frame size
27.5”: 155 - 167.5 cm / 5’1” - 5’6”

29”:157.5 - 170 cm / 5’2” - 5’7” 
27.5”: Not available for this frame size

29”: 167.5 - 177.5 cm / 5’6” - 5’10”
27.5”: Not available for this frame size

29”: 175 - 188 cm / 5’9” - 6’2”
27.5”: Not available for this frame size

29”: 185.5 - 198 cm / 6’1” - 6’6”


RIDE-9™ adjustment system

The RIDE-9 adjustment system allows riders to quickly fine-tune their geometry and suspension with a pair of Allen keys. Nine configurations are possible thanks to two interlocking chips.

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Two-position axle

The Altitude and Instinct frames, in both alloy and carbon, are equipped with a two-position axle dropout.

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SMOOTHLINK™ suspension

Smoothlink suspension is efficient yet supple when you’re on the pedals and across a wide range of gears. It features a controlled end-stroke and a rate-curve that feels more capable than the travel would suggest. This four-bar suspension design philosophy is centred on ride characteristics.

Modular shock mount

Available on Altitude and Instinct carbon models, the modular shock mount allows for future suspension kinematic updates.

Size Specific tune

Size Specific Tune ensures that riders of all sizes get the right balance of small-bump compliance, mid-stroke support, and end-stroke progressiveness. Our design team does custom shock tunes based on real world field testing, and adjusts each tune for specific frame sizes.

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