Shreds Harder than a Triple IPA Growler Fill






130, 140, & 150 mm

Hard trails on hardtail ain’t dead.

Meet the new standard in burly hardtail elegance. 

The Growler proves that the secret order of hardtail trail shredders is alive and thriving. Sure, it’s got that classic hardtail profile. But 21st century touches across the platform reveal a future proofed, instant classic. 29x2.6 tires for ridiculous grip. An aggressive ride character for surprising levels of confidence while descending or ripping tough trails. A refreshingly simple (and tough) package for rowdy days at the trails. More satisfying than a tropical IPA growler fill on a hot day—and way, way faster. Cheers, eh. 

Exciting hardtail zest infused with big-bike aftertaste.

What sets the Growler apart

Holds the line

Hardtail isn’t dead—so we went all out in making the Growler as capable, aggressive, and as fast as possible on rowdy, rad trails. Charge hard—the Growler’s with ya.

Stubborn levels of traction

Sure, the Grower rips trails fast. But for technical climbs and loose trail, we opted for big rubber and “dig-the-hell-in” geometry to ensure ridiculous levels of traction and competence over the loose and uneven stuff. So good, it’s stubborn.

Monstrously fun

We purpose-built the Growler around 29 x 2.6 tires. The result is a fast-rolling, hugely competent, and impossibly fun hardtail machine. Fully internal cables and a boost rear hub really tie the room together on any trail, too.

Erik Lawrenuk

"This Growler goes out to all you hardcore hardtail riders"

Media reviews

"The way back down. That's where the Growler is leaps ahead of the other hardtails we had for the Value Field Test. Actually, it’s ahead of some of the full-suspension bikes as well. "

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"We really loved that Rocky designed the Growler to provide an enduro-inspired downhill experience packed into a hardtail. Riders looking for this will appreciate a mountain bike with a reasonable price tag that is packed with modern conveniences and components."

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