Our Colours: Volume 1, Force of Nature

Our Colours: Volume 1, Force of Nature

Force of Nature: Colours inspired by our riders' playground with natural and down-to-earth shades.

A passion for music and nature's beauty are motivating factors for our new bike colourways.

Each year, our graphic team gets inspired by various themes when coming up with new colour palettes. For this season, the concept stemmed from our riders' playground, the trails, which influenced our natural and down-to-earth shades.

Once the palette has been picked, our team comes up with the names for our new model year colours. Iconic song titles, one-hit wonders, famous artists, or legendary rock bands all contribute to the creative process while making their decisions.

Have a listen to our playlist crafted from this year's colour names:

As you tune in, take a look at this year's colour palette and their associated titles:

New year, new colours!

New colours mean fresh looking bikes. Check out some of our popular models and their updated looks. 

Model: Reaper
Colours: Foxey Lady & Black Dog

Model: Blizzard
Colours: One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer & Black Dog

Model: Instinct
Colours: One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer & In The Navy

Model: Element
Colours: Green River & Wind of Change

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