2022 Bike delay | Rocky Mountain

Everything you need to know about 2022 bike delays 

Demand for new bikes is at a historical all-time high. That’s awesome. But with huge demand comes a few challenges that we want you to know about. 

Here’s the deal. COVID-19 supply chain issues are drastically slowing the delivery of bikes to retailers across the globe. Because of that: 

We will continue to experience delays in getting 2022 delivered to shops across the globe. 

It’s not an ideal situation, and we want to be totally transparent with you about why it’s happening, and what you can expect. Here’s what you need to know: 


Component suppliers struggling to meet demand 

What’s Happening: Component manufacturers (brakes, derailleurs, cranks, wheels, etc) have not been able to produce enough components to meet increased demand. They are beginning to get a handle on this demand for capacity. But, they aren’t there yet, and delays are still happening. 

What That Means: In order to manufacture 2022 Rocky Mountain Bikes, we need components! So, delays from component manufacturers means delays in bike production. We expect delays in 2022 production and delivery, but we can’t say with total certainty how long those delays will be. 


Closed factories and facilities

What’s Happening: As the world continues to grapple with the lingering and ongoing effects of COVID-19, different parts of the world are in different stages of recovery. Countries where our bikes are manufactured and assembled continue to be severely impacted by COVID-19. 

What That Means: Factories and facilities are opening with reduced capacity to ensure the safety of everyone who works there. In some cases, factories are still closed. The result is slower times in having our bikes manufactured, assembled, and delivered. 


Reduced ocean freight availability

What’s Happening: The majority of bicycles are produced in Southeast Asia.  They are then shipped by ocean freight to their port destination, and then by truck to a bike shop. Because of the pandemic, ocean freight capacity is extremely limited. Delays have been frequent, and will continue until freight capacity matches demand. 

What That Means: We might be sounding like a broken record here, but there will be delays in delivering 2022 bikes to bike shops. We’re working hard to keep all of our dealers updated on timelines. However, even we don’t have total visibility into freight times—so there may be periods where both we at Rocky Mountain and your local bike shop are in the dark. As soon as we know anything, we’ll relay it to our dealers. 

It’s not an ideal situation, we realize. But we’re doing everything we can to get Rocky Mountain dealers up and running. We’ll keep you and our dealers updated with the latest possible information. Check back often for updates. 

Thanks for your patience as we get you and riders everywhere sorted and prepped for more trails ahead. 


The Rocky Mountain Team