Day in the life: Off-grid Rampage prep with Alex Volokhov

Day in the life: Off-grid Rampage prep with Alex Volokhov

In 2022, a concussion sidelined him on the day of his intended debut at Red Bull Rampage. This year, he's back on the start list more fired up than ever to get back to the desert.

But Alex’s return to Utah isn’t just about redemption. In Rocky Mountain’s new series “Love the Ride,” we step inside the life of Alex, a rider who lives and trains off-grid in a remote town in British Columbia. His local gym is in a former church (complete with stained glass windows), he commutes to town via boat and his on–the–bike training is on his own collection of trails and jumps shared with his neighbour and fellow Freerider Kurt Sorge. There are so many ways to get to the top, but this is how Alex is doing it.

Featuring: Alex Volokhov
Filmed and edited by: Sebastien Berthiaume
Special thanks: Sophie Volokhov and Kootenay Health

Q: What’s the best part about living “off-grid” in Nelson, BC?
A: The simplicity is what gets me. Everything to do with the house is broken down in a more simple way. It's a lot more "daily tasks" but quite rewarding in the end.

Q: Does the boat commute and chores around the house ever get old?
A: Well so far we've only lived here for about a year, maybe ask me that in 5-10 years, haha!

Q: What has been your daily routine over the past few weeks leading up to Rampage?
A: Stretch, gym, ride, some sort of house chore to prepare for the winter, ride again, then maybe sauna. Something along those lines.

Q: When did you know you wanted pets and how have they changed your day-to-day?
A: I grew up with dogs, and have always wanted one ever since moving out, but renting a house and having animals is tough, so as soon as we bought our own place we knew it was time. It's definitely pretty full on bringing a puppy everywhere but that's just temporary. He'll be a porch dog soon enough!

Q: Going down to the desert must be nerve-racking, especially after last year’s big crash. How do you stay mentally strong, positive and prepare for redemption?
A: It is and it isn't. Last year's crash sucked but I knew I had a good run. Just trying to keep things positive, ride lots and stay fit and healthy.

Q: How did you get introduced to riding in Nelson?
A: The local riding community here is so strong and healthy, and has been for a long long time. There are so many rad people who love this sport and share that with one another. Kind of hard to not get into it growing up here.

Q: Who were your biggest inspirations in the mountain biking world specifically freeriding growing up?
A: All the local pros, Robbie Bourdon, Mike Kinrad, Joe and Evan Schwartz, Garret Buehler and of course Sorge. They paved the way and showed you can make it happen coming from a small town.

Q: How does the riding in Nelson compare to Utah and prepare you for Rampage?
A: It's honestly pretty similar. Steep, exposed and loose. There are just a couple more trees and roots up here.

Q: What are you looking forward to the most for this year’s event?
A: Hang out with a bunch of close friends, dig a badass line, and make some lifelong memories riding through that finish corral.

Q: What was the inspiration behind this year’s custom frame paint?
A: My 1996 Ski-Doo Scandic. The thing rips bud!

Q: Any special thanks?
A: My wife Sophie for putting up with me, my parents, Kurt and Chiara and the whole riding community at home. Plus all my sponsors for making this dream a reality: Rocky Mountain, ION, SR Suntour, Giro, Industry Nine, FSA, Hopetech, Evoc, Schwalbe, Kootenay Health, The Sacred Ride. Much love!

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