Nelson, BC



His love for steep, rowdy lines and long days in the mountains is strong in this BC bred rider.

Raised in the mountain bike haven of Nelson BC, to put simply Alex is a product of his environment.

Bikes truly took over after being inspired at a young age by the prolific NWD series and long time idols (now teammates) Thomas Vanderham and Wade Simmons. Since then, building and curating lines in the woods is a staple in his routine. Producing video parts, photoshoots, and riding in events such as the Fest series shape up a lot of his season. BUT, don’t just label him as a big mountain free-rider, all bikes, in all forms make him tick.

With all the knowledge and experience gained throughout his years, Red Bull Rampage is at the top of his “bucketlist”. In 2019 he missed the event by one spot, and is now hungry as ever to prove himself on the world stage. Until then, riding, digging and maintaining the notion of having fun with life will keep him busy.

For Alex, the opportunity to promote being outdoors and exercising is priceless, therefore the drive to do so will never stop. “Lets just ride bikes and have fun” - AV

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Smash every trail in total confidence. The Slayer was right there at the start of the freeride movement, and that “heritage-of-send” lives on. Longer and slacker than ever, expect villainous levels of confidence when ripping big mountain trails or devouring the park. 

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Altitude Powerplay

Designed alongside our Dyname 4.0 drive system, the Altitude Powerplay has everything you need for aggressive enduro e-biking.

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