Squamish, BC



Before he had even knew what the word enduro meant, Remi was mastering his craft on some of Canada’s fastest Downhill tracks.

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, his professional career started with downhill racing. He saw big success with prodiums at the Canada Cup and Crankworx, a National Championship Title, and a host of stellar World Cup results.

Years of big downhill experience has let Remi smoothly transition to the Enduro World Series. He's nabbed multiple Top 10 Overall Series finishes, and several EWS podiums to his name. In 2019 he went back to his downhill roots as an “enduro racer,” and finished with a solid 42nd place at the Les Gets World Cup. Whatever he's riding, Remi is able to harness a delicate and versatile balance of power and ease.

Watch Remi ride and one thing's clear—he's got style.

Give him a follow, and you'll see what we mean...

What Rémi rides


Race circuits or Sunday Shreds, the Altitude has you covered. Purpose-built and race-proven, it’s the ultimate enduro weapon for demolishing steep trails and making every session faster.

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Smash every trail in total confidence. The Slayer was right there at the start of the freeride movement, and that “heritage-of-send” lives on. Longer and slacker than ever, expect villainous levels of confidence when ripping big mountain trails or devouring the park. 

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Instinct Powerplay BC Edition

Smash down chutes, rail through corners, and then turn it up to ”ludicrous” to climb back to the top faster than you ever thought possible. Designed with an optimized single-position link and a long stroke shock that provides 155mm of rear travel, 29” wheels, and our Dyname 3.0 drive system, our BC Edition build has everything for enduro racing and aggressive trail riding.

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Stories featuring Rémi Gauvin

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Element - Earth, Air, Fire, Water

Climb fast. Descend even faster. Purpose-built to hit the precise sweet spot between lightweight cross country climbing prowess and technical precision, the Element is the best of both worlds and more.