North Conway, NH



Peter’s New England roots, and rocks for that matter, have helped him along in the Enduro World Series, and North American Enduro races since 2013. Finding enjoyment in the adventure side of enduro events, Peter has ticked off podiums at the Trans-Cascadia, Trans-BC, and Trans-Provence. 

Peter is stepping back from EWS pursuits and applying his experience to assist in local non-profit trail advocacy building efforts, coaching sessions and camps, and putting together the Trans-New England MTB event. Peter has done a few media projects along the way as well chasing adventures and focusing on his hometown of North Conway, New Hampshire. 

Peter’s multi-season focus expands into winter, pursuing ski adventures and working as a ski guide in Girdwood, Alaska. 

What Peter rides


Race circuits or Sunday Shreds, the Altitude has you covered. Purpose-built and race-proven, it’s the ultimate enduro weapon for demolishing steep trails and making every session faster.

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Altitude Powerplay

Designed alongside our Dyname 4.0 drive system, the Altitude Powerplay has everything you need for aggressive enduro e-biking.

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Purpose-built to hit the precise sweet spot between lightweight cross country climbing prowess and technical precision, the Element is the best of both worlds and more.

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