Exploring the Innovative Features of the Altitude Frame Design

Exploring the Innovative Features of the Altitude Frame Design


Internal Cable Routing: Enhancing Performance and Aesthetics

The intricacies of internal cable routing highlights Rocky Mountain's meticulous approach to design. From the strategic placement of cable covers at the head tube to the adjustable routing options for brake hoses, every aspect is fine-tuned to optimize performance and minimize cable movement. The redesigned geometry minimizes cable growth, ensuring smooth operation and improved responsiveness on the trail.


Penatly Box Storage Solution

The Altitude's Penalty Box storage compartment is stress-free and convenient, equipped with cam-actuated clasps for a secure fit and waterproof protection. Included is an integrated air tag and tile compartment, offering added security and peace of mind for riders. Explore the spacious storage capacity and innovative features designed to enhance your riding experience.


Practical Accessories for Every Ride

Practical accessories included with the frame are chainstay and seatstay protectors to shuttle guards for added durability. The integrated fenders designed to protect the rear shock from mud and debris ensures optimal performance in challenging conditions. Also, the Canadarm and top mount chain guide provide added versatility and functionality for riders.


Designed for Enduro Excellence: Finding Your Perfect Ride

The Altitude frame design embodies the spirit of adventure and performance and includes versatile features catering to enduro-style riding. Whether you're racing or exploring new trails, the Altitude offers the perfect balance of speed, agility, and confidence, empowering riders to conquer any terrain with ease.


The Ultimate Riding Experience with the Altitude

With its innovative features and versatile design, the Rocky Mountain Altitude frame design sets a new standard for mountain biking excellence. Discover the freedom to ride faster, tackle challenging terrain, and explore new horizons with confidence with the Altitude