Trans New England Enduro: Peter Ostroski’s shift from athlete to race development

Trans New England Enduro: Peter Ostroski’s shift from athlete to race development

Hailing from New Hampshire, Peter Ostroski's deep New England roots and competitive career stem from tapping into the local trails as he developed into a World Cup cross-country racer. Already an accomplished athlete representing Rocky Mountain since 2009, Peter's trajectory took a shift in 2012 with the establishment of Rocky Mountain's inaugural Enduro Team. This pivotal moment prompted Peter to embark on a new chapter in his career, immersing himself in the realm of Enduro World Series and North American enduro racing, where he ticked off podiums at the Trans-Cascadia, Trans BC, and Trans-Provence.

After over a decade of racing as a factory rider, Peter decided to take a step back from competing on the world stage in 2020.

“COVID was a pivotal moment for a lot of people's overall careers, whether it was finding something new or figuring out what to do.”

Peter's strong desire to stay involved in the industry was unquestionable. It all started with creating visual storytelling pieces and his active participation on a local non-profit board, where he made valuable contributions to advocacy and trail work. These initial involvements showcased a different side of the bike industry and eventually led Peter, with a few other regional riders, to the creation of the Trans New England Enduro.

"We had a group of regional pros in New England with the aim of organizing a rough, informal multi-day enduro event. While we started off without official timing, we improvised with cheap stopwatches to add a fun timing element here and there. Essentially, it was a trial run, spanning five days across the region, where we chose gnarly trails to cater to our group of 20 or 30 high-level riders. Over time, this evolved into a more structured race format, and for the past two years, we have successfully hosted a formal race."

Focused on adventure and trail experience, the week-long event consists of five days of blind enduro racing with four to six stages per day, giving mountain bike communities across New England the opportunity to showcase their best trails, jank and passion of their local trail builders. 

"Every day, we venture to a fresh venue, racing in a new location before packing up and driving to the next spot either that evening or the next morning. Our aim was to explore at least three new venues each year.”

With annual venue changes, riders have the opportunity to explore new locations and discover the diverse trails that New England has to offer.

“If someone's coming year after year, they're not going to the same locations, it's new for them.”

Sticking to its roots, the race also provides a unique aspect of incorporating a few untimed stages throughout the week to give the chance for its riders to simply shred with their buddies, take part in a party train and to fully enjoy the ride.

At the end of the day, introducing riders from other areas to the hidden gems of New England and blowing their minds with the quality of riding is where the passion lies for Peter. 

“The riding here is tough, and many people are unaware of the incredible trails available in the region. It’s super rewarding to have the opportunity to help plan the course and race the trails. Seeing the joy on people's faces as they ride down with a huge smile on their face, it’s super fulfilling.”

Through his own racing experiences, Peter brings a unique perspective to the TNE, ensuring that the event provides a fun and challenging experience for riders. His connections within the racing community and his understanding of racers' needs contributes to a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, making TNE a must-attend event for seasoned pros and aspiring riders alike.

As we approach the third year of the Trans New England Enduro, it's exciting to reflect on the growth and success of the event. Year after year, more riders have been drawn to the challenge and adventure of the TNE, making it a highly anticipated event in the racing calendar.

Photography: Dave Trumpore, Brooks Curran, Katherine Jondro, Dan Starr, Kristian Skjodt, Katie Lozancich, Vinnie Moror, Jake Whitlock

Video by: Josh Lawless

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