Tessellation - Introducing the all-new Altitude

Tessellation - Introducing the all-new Altitude

Life is a repeating pattern. Constantly evolving and mimicking itself. It can be hard to see changes in day-to-day but over time it becomes clear: History etches blueprints for the future.

First introduced into the Rocky Mountain line-up in the early 2000s, the LC2R™ (Low Centre Counter Rotating) suspension design returns, delivering our legendary Rocky Mountain ride feel.

Like a living entity, this bike has adapted and evolved. Let’s celebrate our roots while welcoming change.

Introducing the all-new Altitude.

Presented by: Rocky Mountain
Featuring: Rémi Gauvin, Thomas Vanderham, Lily Boucher, Jay Leroux, Celeste Pomerantz

Director/DP: Brody Jones
Cinematography: Brody Jones, Jared Putnam, Zac Moxley
Creative Director: Jared Putnam / New Parallel Studios
Producers: Jared Putnam / New Parallel Studios, Nina Harmon, Sebastien Berthiaume
Photography: Margus Riga

Production Assistants: Kadison Pelletier, Josh Goodman, Lucas Reid, Anatole Tuzlak
FPV Drone: Kadison Pelletier
Copywriter: Jared Putnam / New Parallel Studios
Sound Design / Mix: Keith White Audio
Editor: Brody Jones

Voiceover: Sera Lay

Rentals: Spatial Camera / Raw Camera Co