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Kids' bikes

We put the same attention to detail and build quality as our trail bikes into every kids’ bike. From teetering on three wheels to charging trails, there’s a Rocky Mountain kids’ bike to help them learn to love the ride.

Get started

Learning to ride? Start here. Simple, tough, and made with multiple wheel sizes to fit a wide range of kids.

Edge Jr

Available in five wheel sizes and multiple frame sizes, there’s an Edge model ready to get them set up right for the ride ahead. Every Edge model is best for kids of any age learning to ride and for mastering the basics. 

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Keep rolling

Got the essentials nailed? Time to graduate to the Soul Jr—the perfect bike for experienced kid shredders ready to kick things up a notch.

Soul Jr

Available in two wheel sizes, the Soul Jr offers burlier components, bigger tires, and stronger brakes. For kids who have mastered the basics, the Soul Jr is everything they need to tackle faster rides and gentle trails.

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Hit the trails

Time to get serious! For kids who have mastered the basics and spent some time off road, the Vertex Jr is just the thing for going a bit faster, a bit bigger, and having more fun. 

Vertex Jr

The Vertex Jr comes in two sizes—20 and 24. With burlier components and wider tires, the Vertex Jr is best for junior riders ready to tackle beginner to intermediate trails.

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Shred onward

The Growler Jr, Flow Jr, and Reaper are made for experienced youth riders. Built to the same level of competence as our full-sized trail bikes, both models are designed to keep up with developing riders as they get faster, more confident, and stronger.

Growler Jr

Burly hardtail goodness in three sizes. Whether they’re hopping off curbs or charging rowdy singletrack, the Growler Jr sets kids up right to ride hard and have fun doing it. Best for experienced junior riders who aren’t afraid to go big. 

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Flow Jr

The Flow is a versatile bike for all ages and skill levels. With its sturdy construction and nimble handling, it’s the perfect skills training tool for any serious rider.

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All the competency and burliness of a full-sized trail bike in a junior-sized package. Available in three wheel sizes, the Reaper is the real deal for charging trails and the bike park. Best for experienced junior and youth riders looking to charge steeper and bigger trails. 

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Reaper Powerplay ⚡

The first of it's kind. The Reaper Powerplay is the real deal for youth riders looking to charge steeper and bigger trails, with the extra power to go back up for extra laps.

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