Overtime Pack 2.0

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The Overtimepack is a range extender for our Powerplay lineup that offers an additional 314 Wh of battery capacity. When combined with our massive 720 Wh Powerplay battery, you have over 1000 Wh to drain before it's time to rest. It's about more saddle time, more trail time, and more of the good times.

What's included:

  • Overtime pack

  • Attach Mount Kit Dyname 4 (1812027)

  • Dongle Cable OTP Dyname 4 (1812029)

  • Cam Rod Assy (1811022)

Weight: 2.0 kg incl mounting hardware (47g)

Battery: 314 Wh Li-Ion | 80% Charge in 1h 20 min | 100% Charge in 2h | 5A 48 V FAST Charger Compatible

Compatibility: Compatible with all 2022+ Powerplay models with Dyname 4.0; Compatible with previous generation Powerplay with Dyname 3.0, using a conversion kit (sold separately)

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