Balanced Trail Brutality




27.5" & 29"


170, 180, 200 mm


180 & 170 mm

Big hits. Steep descents. Endless laps. Slay’em all.

Smash every trail in total confidence. The Slayer was right there at the start of freeride movement, and that “heritage-of-send” lives on. Longer and slacker than ever, expect villainous levels of confidence when ripping big mountain trails or devouring the park. Rip, send, smash, repeat. Nothing’s in your way. 



What sets the Slayer apart

Poised to rip demanding terrain 

Aggressive geometry coupled with our RIDE-4 adjustability makes short work of any and every trail. Rip and tear everything from Rampage lines to Whistler’s famous A-line—the Slayer cannot be stopped. 

Villainous levels of traction and control 

The Slayer’s is engineered around large volume air shocks and coil shocks. The result is a rate curve with a buttery, supple initial feel. Then, expect monstrously-competent levels of increasing support throughout travel.

Built to slay indefinitely 

 The Slayer is built to annihilate park laps over, and over, and over again. Equip it with a large single crown or dual crown forks—your weapon, your choice. It’s burly, versatile, and engineered to survive anything you throw at it. 

Thomas Vanderham

"Incredibly capable and fun to ride"

Rémi Gauvin

"It is capable of what ever I can toss at it"

Media reviews

"Agile, playful yet very capable, the latest generation Slayer makes a strong case for the single-bike quiver."

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"The wrecking crew had a blast trying to find the never-ending limits of this truly impressive machine."

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"The Slayer is like having your own personal skills coach—it will give you confidence and inspire you to push through the pucker factor."

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"Its sheer thrashability is very DH-like, but it still pedals better than you might think."

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