Bend, Oregon



Carson first started riding mountain bikes when he was 10 years old. In order to get his name out there he’d filmed videos throughout his childhood that eventually got him noticed and invited to some of the smaller dirt jump contests.

He turned his attention to slopestyle leading him to compete in the FMB World Tour and competing in the discipline all around the globe. This led to competing on the big stages that are Crankworx and Red Bull Rampage 2014. In 2016, Carson would land on the Rampage podium with a 3rd place finish while snagging the Best Trick award.

Finding success in freeride pushed him to pursue to the discipline further focusing on pushing freeride and big mountain riding and creating filming memorable video parts.

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What Carson rides


Smash every trail in total confidence. The Slayer was right there at the start of the freeride movement, and that “heritage-of-send” lives on. Longer and slacker than ever, expect villainous levels of confidence when ripping big mountain trails or devouring the park. 

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Race circuits or Sunday Shreds, the Altitude has you covered. Purpose-built and race-proven, it’s the ultimate enduro weapon for demolishing steep trails and making every session faster.

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Altitude Powerplay

Designed alongside our Dyname 4.0 drive system, the Altitude Powerplay has everything you need for aggressive enduro e-biking.

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Stories featuring Carson Storch

Thank You, Carson!

Looking back over the years, we’re proud of Carson and thank him for sharing the past six years. We put together a photo set to highlight some of the big moments and we’re wishing him all the best in 2022 and beyond!

Carson Storch Slayer Raw

When we introduced the new Slayer back in August, we released “Oscillation” featuring Thomas Vanderham, Rémi Gauvin, and Carson Storch. That video showed the three riders tackling the dry and dusty trails in of BC’s interior, the wet and rooty t...


Back and forth, forward and back. Mastery on the bike comes from constant repetition. Whether it’s your hundredth time down a trail or you’re about to drop into a new one for the first time, steady, well-rehearsed motions are what will get you th...