From Alison Sydor to the original Froriders, we have a long history of supporting some of the world's best mountain bikers.

Today is no different — we are proud to work with true legends of the sport.

On top of showing our bikes off all over the world, many of our athletes are heavily involved in our R&D process, pushing their bikes far past normal uses and providing feedback to our engineers and product development team.

Jesse Melamed

Jesse went from wanting to be a professional hockey player, to a professional skier, and eventually, a professional mountain biker...

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Andréane Lanthier Nadeau

Bagging some top results with multiple podiums and stage wins, Andréane is now established herself as a top contender at the highest level of racing...

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Rémi Gauvin

Before he had even knew what the word enduro meant, Remi was mastering his craft on some of Canada’s fastest Downhill tracks...

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Wade Simmons

Wade is the undisputed Godfather of Freeride. Hands down. You’d be hard-pressed to find a mountain bike publication that doesn’t feature or mention the man who essentially defined freeride and embodies the soul of the sport...

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Thomas Vanderham

Thomas forged his fundamental bike skills and love for mountain biking riding the infamous North Shore of Vancouver, and by the age of 15, “The Kid” was making his first film appearances. Thomas soon developed a following for his unmistakable style...

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Vaea Verbeeck

Before getting into bikes, Vaea was pretty much as athletic as it gets—skiing, snowboarding, gymnastics. When she got introduced to downhill mountain bikes at the age of 17...

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Alex Volokhov

Raised in the mountain bike haven of Nelson BC, to put simply Alex is a product of his environment. Bikes truly took over after being inspired at a young age by the prolific NWD series ...

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Sam Schultz

Sam grew up in the mountains of Montana, where he cut his teeth on the trails after his Uncle introduced him to the sport of mountain biking at the age of 11. At 13, he completed his first race...

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Andreas Hestler

Andreas "Dre" Hestler found his passion for mountain biking in 1986. After moving to Vancouver and embracing the life of a courier, he was introduced to racing and a new love was born...

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Peter Ostroski

Peter’s New England roots, and rocks for that matter, have helped him along in the Enduro World Series, and North American Enduro races since 2013. Finding enjoyment in the adventure side of enduro events...

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Felix Burke

Before he started racing, Felix was simply addicted to seeing how far he could ride his bike. That led to him riding XCO as a junior, and after after a successful first season he joined the Canadian National Team...

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The 2022 Rocky Mountain Race Face enduro team

The Rocky Mountain Race Face team first came together back in 2018 and has left its mark on enduro racing over the past four years. Our long relationship with Race Face dates back to 1993, when our two brands were under one roof designing product ...

Thank You, Carson!

Looking back over the years, we’re proud of Carson and thank him for sharing the past six years. We put together a photo set to highlight some of the big moments and we’re wishing him all the best in 2022 and beyond!

An Island Excursion

Did you know fried tarantulas are considered to be a delicacy on the streets of Cambodia? What you appreciate is all a question of the circumstances in which you find yourself. Well, for a band of dirty bike-packers, the same principle applies. 7 ...