Altitude Powerplay

Enduro, electrified


Enduro ⚡




170 mm


160 mm

Designed alongside our Dyname 4.0 drive system, the Altitude Powerplay has everything you need for aggressive enduro e-biking. 

The Altitude Powerplay shares the many of the same attributes as our race proven Altitude—geometry, kinematics, and adjustability. So go ahead and smash down chutes, rail through corners, and then turn it up to ”Ludicrous” to get back up to the top faster than you ever thought possible.  

What sets the Altitude Powerplay apart

Enduro design meets Dyname power

Enduro, electrified. The Altitude Powerplay shares the same attributes as our race proven Altitude—geometry, kinematics, and adjustability. With Powerplay, there are no compromises. 

The new standard in E-bike power

The Dyname 4.0 motor is powerful, delivers big torque, and is long-lasting. That means faster climbs, punchier accelerations, and a longer lasting battery than, well, anyone. Ride further than ever, and drop every other e-bike out there. With the Dyname 4.0 drive, the power is always yours. 

Slim and simple E-bike controls

A simple and low-key top-tube display mount keeps you in the know at all times. Battery, assistance level, adjustability. It’s right where you need it, and it’s outta harm’s way.


Uncompromising riding performance!


What a machine!

Thomas Vanderham

The Altitude Powerplay is so much fun to ride, I can't wipe the grin off my face on the uphills, picking lines and shredding corners.

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Introducing the Altitude MX Mount

When you install the Altitude MX Mount, you will increase the travel of your Altitude or Altitude Powerplay while also lowering the rate curve. This means you might have to increase shock pressure or go up in spring rate to achieve proper sag and ...

The Altitude Powerplay Carbon 70 wins the Design and Innovation Award

“The Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay Carbon 70 represents the new benchmark in motor performance, leaving the competition behind. The powerful and adaptable Dyname 4.0 motor is ready to go when you are, surging forward with 108 Nm of torque the...

An Intro to the All-New Powerplay

The Dyname 4.0 drive system is powerful, delivers high torque, and is long-lasting. That means faster climbs, punchier acceleration, and a larger, removable battery helping to ensure that you get more out of every ride.


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