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For over 10 years Thomas Vanderham has been a mainstay in the sport of freeride mountain biking.

Thomas forged his fundamental bike skills and love for mountain biking riding the infamous North Shore of Vancouver, and by the age of 15, “The Kid” was making his first film appearances. Thomas soon developed a following for his unmistakable style on a bike and ground breaking movie segments. A self-proclaimed big mountain rider, he has placed in the top ten at every Red Bull Rampage ever held, and stood on the podium in 2008.

Today Thomas remains prolific in the industry’s biggest and best media outlets. Although his riding speaks for itself, Thomas is active in the mountain bike community; he coaches bike camps and clinics all over the world, writes columns for magazines, and remains influential in shaping the future of freeride mountain biking. Away from the bike Thomas has enjoyed working closely with a long list of sponsors on research and development and marketing projects. He now has numerous signature products.

Vanderham has come a long way from being “The Kid”, but stays true to what has brought him to this point. In his words, his goal is simply “to continue inspiring people to ride their bikes.”

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