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Before he started racing, Felix was simply addicted to seeing how far he could ride his bike.

That led to him riding XCO as a junior, and after after a successful first season he joined the Canadian National Team. The next four years saw him training and racing at that national level in pursuit of UCI points and World Cup success. He stood on the podium of multiple National Championships, won gold at Canada Games and took home the Canada Cup overall title. Recently, Felix's itch for adventure has taken him away from XCO and towards marathon/stage racing, focusing on events that allow his technical ability to shine. Case in point, he won the 2019 BC Bike Race. Big.

Felix currently lives in Mont-Tremblant where he runs Trail Trybe, a bike program that introduces over 200 kids per year to mountain biking. He spends a good part of every year in BC where he lived as a teenager and where he attended university. His goals are to fight for victory in events like the BC Bike Race and Downieville all while helping grow the sport at a community level as best he can.

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