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Hailing from the mountain bike mecca of Squamish, BC, Lucy has quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the world of freeride.

Inspired by her older brother to start mountain biking, Lucy immediately fell in love with the sport and began honing her skills on the trails. 

 Although she is still early in her career as a professional rider, Lucy has an impressive list of notable achievements, including digging for Casey Brown at Formation, riding at Backwoods Jam, and four first-place finishes at Crankworx. She was also awarded Best Style at Freeride Fiesta, showcasing her unique blend of technical skills, creativity, and style on her bike. 

 Lucy's cheerful and upbeat nature shines through both on and off the bike and has won the hearts of many in the mountain biking community. Her positive energy is felt by all who ride with her, and her infectious laugh and knack for cracking jokes brings a lightheartedness to the sport that is both refreshing and infectious. 

 Lucy aspires to help members of the mountain biking community to get into digging and inspire others to ride their bike, have fun, and not take things too seriously. 

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