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Originally from Kelowna, BC, Emmett's career was shaped by the Okanagan's diversified climate. Growing up, when snow would hit the ground, Emmett could be found fighting through intervals and weight training. Once riding season would finally arrive and local trails up for grabs, chasing down his dad accompanied by his XC veteran group of friends was his training formula.  

 Beginning his young career as a downhill competitor sparked Emmett's passion for racing. After multiple years on the DH circuit throughout high school, Emmett realized the Enduro discipline was more suitable for his riding style and made the switch in 2021. 

 Emmett now calls Squamish home and was on a tear during his junior career, racking up several top-10 and podium Enduro World Series finishes in the Under-21 category. Emmett ended his final U21 season with a bang, claiming the 3rd place overall title. You may also have seen him as one of the contestants on the second season of Pinkbike Academy. 

Emmett hopes to continue his success on the Enduro World Series circuit as a contender in the Elite category on the Rocky Mountain Gravity Racing Team..

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