Full-suspension alloy bikes

Full-suspension alloy bikes

We build our alloy bikes with FORM™ tubesets and utilize premium materials to meet our strict requirements. Each FORM™ tube that we create is engineered for its specific purpose within the frame, ensuring optimized strength, weight, and ride quality. 


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Save $500.00
Reaper 24 Microshift
Reaper 24 Microshift Sale price$2,499.00 Regular price$2,999.00
On sale
Element A10 Shimano
Element A10 Shimano Sale priceFrom $1,899.00 Regular price$3,499.00
On sale
Instinct A10 Shimano
Instinct A10 Shimano Sale priceFrom $2,399.00 Regular price$3,499.00
Save $700.00
Reaper 27.5 Shimano
Reaper 27.5 Shimano Sale price$3,499.00 Regular price$4,199.00
On sale
Instinct A30 Shimano
Instinct A30 Shimano Sale priceFrom $2,999.00 Regular price$4,199.00
On sale
Element A30 Shimano
Element A30 Shimano Sale priceFrom $3,546.50 Regular price$5,067.09
On sale
Altitude A30 Shimano
Altitude A30 Shimano Sale priceFrom $3,299.00 Regular price$4,799.00
Save $1,200.00
Instinct A50 Shimano
Instinct A50 Shimano Sale price$4,699.00 Regular price$5,899.00
On sale
Altitude A50 Shimano
Altitude A50 Shimano Sale priceFrom $4,790.62 Regular price$7,371.01
Save $1,700.00
Instinct Powerplay A10 Shimano
Instinct Powerplay A10 ShimanoSuntour Raidon 34 LOR Air, RockShox Deluxe Select R, Shimano Deore Sale price$6,799.00 Regular price$8,499.00
On sale
Altitude A70 Coil Shimano
Altitude A70 Coil Shimano Sale priceFrom $5,681.47 Regular price$8,753.36
Slayer Alloy 30
Save $1,500.00
Slayer A30 Shimano
Slayer A30 Shimano Sale price$4,999.00 Regular price$6,499.00
Save $1,700.00
Instinct Powerplay A30 Shimano
Instinct Powerplay A30 ShimanoRockShox 35 Gold RL, RockShox Deluxe Select R, Shimano Deore Sale price$7,299.00 Regular price$8,999.00
Slayer Alloy 30 Park
Save $1,000.00
Instinct Powerplay A50 Shimano
Instinct Powerplay A50 ShimanoRockShox Revelation Select RC, RockShox Deluxe Select+, Shimano SLX Sale price$9,299.00 Regular price$10,299.00
Slayer A30 Park Sram
Slayer A30 Park Sram Sale price$7,699.00
Slayer Alloy 50
Save $1,200.00
Slayer A50 Shimano
Slayer A50 Shimano Sale price$6,799.00 Regular price$7,999.00
Save $2,599.00
Instinct Powerplay A70 Shimano
Instinct Powerplay A70 ShimanoRockShox Lyrik Select RC, RockShox Deluxe Select+, Shimano XT Sale price$8,999.00 Regular price$11,598.00
On sale
Altitude Powerplay A30 Coil Shimano
Altitude Powerplay A30 Coil ShimanoRockShox Domain RC, Marzocchi Bomber CR, Shimano Deore Sale priceFrom $7,499.00 Regular price$9,499.00
Save $1,000.00
Altitude Powerplay A50 Shimano
Altitude Powerplay A50 ShimanoRockShox Zeb Select RC, Fox Float X Performance, Shimano XT Sale price$9,699.00 Regular price$10,699.00

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