The all-new Altitude: Enhance Your Ride with RIDE-4 and more features

The all-new Altitude: Enhance Your Ride with RIDE-4 and more features


The Ride-4 system is a hallmark feature familiar to Rocky Mountain riders. The orientation of the ride chips has shifted to the front triangle, offering riders a range of adjustable positions. From the slackest to the steepest position, riders can fine-tune their bike's performance according to their preferences. The Reach Adjust Headset adds another layer of customization, allowing for up to 10 millimeters of reach adjustment. With a spare set of cups provided, riders can easily tailor their bike's fit for optimal comfort and control.

Understanding the RIDE-4 System

The RIDE-4 system revolutionizes adjustability, offering riders precise control over their bike's handling characteristics. Four distinct positions are available, and each setting impacts your riding experience according to your preference

The Versatility of Reach Adjust Headset

The versatility of the Reach Adjust Headset plays a role in fine-tuning your bike's fit. From extending to shortening the reach, this feature enables riders to achieve the perfect balance between comfort and performance.

Size-Specific Chainstay Links: A Game-Changer

Size-specific chainstay links are a novel addition to the Altitude range. With three different rear triangle molds catering to varying chainstay lengths, riders can expect improved compatibility with transmission derailleurs. This innovation enhances overall ride quality and responsiveness.

Evolution of Design: The New Suspension Layout

Delve into the design evolution of the new bike and its revamped suspension layout. Understand the rationale behind the transition from separate seat stays and chainstays to a unified rear triangle mold. Discover how these design changes optimize performance and elevate the riding experience.

Elevate Your Ride with the Rocky Mountain Altitude Lineup

Experience the pinnacle of innovation and performance with the Rocky Mountain Altitude Lineup. From the revolutionary Ride-4 system to the customizable Reach Adjust Headset, every feature is meticulously crafted to enhance your riding experience. Explore the range today and unlock new possibilities on the trail.