Meet the all-new Solo

Meet the all-new Solo

The open (gravel) road. When nothing stands between you and the horizon. It doesn’t matter if you're chasing mountains or vast open plains, there’s something hypnotic about the call of gravel less travelled. Make every ride an adventure.  

Rocky Mountain athlete and former Elite Road Racer, Ryan Anderson, takes to the remote roads of Saskatchewan on his new Carbon Solo. Rising and falling with the curvature of the sun. The familiar unknown of travelling by bike. Dipping in and out of civilization for a good cup of coffee. Pushing the pace to outrun storms, not opponents, and setting up camp in the summer hum of dusk. 

Soak it up. Make every ride an adventure. Introducing the all-new Rocky Mountain Solo. 

Rocky Mountain Solo
Rocky Mountain Solo All-New
Rocky Mountain Solo ridden by Ryan Anderson