Location highlight: Exploring Toby Creek on the new Instinct

Location highlight: Exploring Toby Creek on the new Instinct

Photos: Margus Riga

We’re always looking for new areas to ride, new places to put our bikes to the test and showcase what they are designed to do. For the new Instinct, Photographer Margus Riga switched us on to Toby Creek. A hidden gem nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies near the town of Panorama, British Columbia. Toby Creek is surrounded by alpine ridges, beautiful yellow larches, and expansive rugged terrain. An ideal landscape to explore on the Instinct and chase the perfect shot.

Accompanied by legendary guide, Jose Letelier, and videographer Peter Wojnar, who captured the experience, Margus and Rocky athlete Sam Shultz previewed areas not yet serviced by Toby Creek Adventures. Lots of hike-a-bikes, a few overnighters and 1000+ shots later, the team came back with the mission accomplished.

If you’re hoping to get a feel for Toby Creek, the area is accessible to riders from mid-May through snow fall. New trails are always in the works, but the crew suggests getting in a ride on the new "Rockfarmer" trail, a 7km blue flow jump trail that can be accessed via shuttle.

In the pipeline are plans for a mix of new hand-built and machine-built black trails. It’s “An unreal area to explore,” in the words of Sam Schultz. Make sure to add this trip to your MTB bucket list.

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