Eddie's Collection

Eddie's Collection

In 1999, I recall going into my local bike shop looking for a bike that would satisfy my inner boy to shred. I BMX'd throughout high school and felt I had outgrown it. I noticed the Kranked video playing on a loop which got my wheels turning (literally).

I researched the Pipeline and learned that Copeland Sporting Goods in my area had carried the RM. They’ve since closed shop. I drove there and spotted the Pipeline that Wade Simmons had used in the video series. The manager had discounted it because the purple and lime colors were not appealing but Wade thought it was and so did I.

I was in college and could not afford it, so I sacrificed a semester and got it on credit. I studied the videos and started bombing every embankment I could find. I wore a lot of gear back that resembled a knight. I took it to the Sea Otter where I ran into Brett who intro’d me to the RM crew. I got some swag and a signed poster which I still have on my wall. The Pipeline was laid to rest after a major crash that sent me to the ER.

Since then, I’ve stayed current with the latest models and enjoy customizing them using Shimano Saint and Thomas Vanderham Signature components. The Pipeline fulfilled my need to shred, and the RM Freeride Team kept me motivated year after year. Someday I’d like to ride in BC and visit the RM factory.

Favorite RM Bike: The 1999 RM Pipeline Specs: Med frame, Marzochhi Bomber Z-1 5.0, Fox Van R 4.0 -6.0 rear travel, Diatech disc brakes, THe Mud guard and fork boots.

Runner up: 2013 RM Slayer SS with Marzocchi Bomber 26” DJ Fork, Fox rear travel, Shimano Saint and TV components.

2011 RM Slayer SS powder coated black with Saint/Pro and TV components.
2014 RM Flow, Saint/Pro build and Fox 831 fork.
2020 RM Slayer 50 Alloy with Saint/Pro and TV components.

- Eddie Meraz