David Graeven's Rocky Mountain Collection

David Graeven's Rocky Mountain Collection

I introduce myself, Graeven David, a little Belgian, who will have this year, just like the mark of my heart, 40 years old, on September 4th. ¬†ūüėČ

To start at the beginning, let's go back to 2002, the year I bought my first Rocky, a UNIQUE model, 3 in number in Europe, according to my research!

It was on display in a store, the frame, and I immediately knew, deep inside me that it would be for me, I went into the store (Filip Sport in Hoeillart, in Brussels) and I directly put a  down payment on and that I was looking for the following month!

The SLAYER LIMITED 2002, made in Canada, frame signed by the welder.
A bike, a machine, a dreambike, which I took possession of in August 2002.

It has had many changes, and many evolutions.
I did everything I thought was possible with this bike !!!

Whether it's cross country, enduro, even down the slopes from DH to Morzine, street sessions in Brussels, and new Leuven at home in Belgium.

But the best moment will really be in 2003.
During the "Freeraid", in Morzine.

I ended up with on my left "Richie Schley" and on my right "Wade Smmons" .... I was living a dream !!!!!

They were VIP guests during this edition. 
My 2 stars who have always made me dream in the "Kranked" videos !!!

And to hear these 2 stars congratulate me on having a magnificent bike .... how to say ... I couldn't believe it, pinch me, I'm dreaming !!!!

What can we say about the pleasure during the "Roc d'azur de 2003", when passing by the Rocky distributor, I found myself surrounded by all those of the stand who could not believe that I had this famous frame, that they themselves,  have not known how to have !!!!!

I have been riding this bike for almost 10 years, without ever having had the need or the inclination to change the model of bike!

Currently, I still have the frame and for nothing in the world, I will not part with it!
I've only had Rocky’s since 2002.

1 Slayer limited (2002 => 2013)
1 Altitude 790Msl, which I had to modify with the assembly of a Lefty Supermax Carbon of which I had sent you the first photos.  (2014 => 2018)
1 Pipeline (2019) which was changed to Instinct in 29, what a pleasure it was !!!!
1 Altitude 799Msl (2015 frame) with the "Hope Duo brake" and full Hope component, share on your Instagram and FB account, and there, I'm looking for my next one!

I didn't talk about the stories I had with the other bikes, I will have too much to write !!!

Friendly, and sportingly,

- David Graeven